We are providing information that hopefully will help our members understand the 2021 Final WRVU billing codes and reimbursements slated for Rheumatologists.

  1. The final WRVU code values for E & M coding: Please notice that at the end of 2020, the WRVU was set at a lower number, and increased to 34.89 early 2021. Because 34.89 represents the universal conversion factor, it needs to be budget neutral, so you will see other specialties actually have decreased over all. Because the E & M codes are newly defined, rheumatologists actually are increased by approximately 13%.
  2. A cheat sheet for rheumatologists to understand both the E & M coding requirements as well as the time based coding, which includes time spent face-to-face as well as activities that a physician does in review, reporting, dictation, or preparation to see the patient, on the date of service.
  3. Final Medicare Ruling: Add on codes G2211 on hold until 2024, however can still be assigned a PFS payment STATUS INDICATOR of B (bundled) until 2024.
New Medicare Changes