WRA Member Practice Input Needed on Proposed Changes to Medicare Part B Drug Pricing

October 26, 2018


Please review the proposed changes to Medicare part B drug pricing which were announced yesterday – (links below).  I would like your feedback as to whether you think that a model like this would work for your clinic or if it would be severely detrimental.  We need to submit comments to CMS about this and I need everyone’s input.  Specifically, here are the questions we need feedback on:

  1. If there were a “fee” to administer the medications what fee amount would be necessary for your clinic to keep you “whole”.
  2. Would you be willing to take a lesser fee knowing that you would not have to have the financial burden associated with administering medications?
  3. Are there any issues you may have with the proposed rule?
  4. Do you suspect that private insurance will follow suit immediately?

Please email your responses to Debra Alderman:  wra@warheumatology.org  by November 5th and she and I will will use that feedback to draft  a letter to CMS.  We will also send this to the ACR and to CSRO for additional support from other states.

This is very important so please take the time to review these questions and get back to me.


Jeff Peterson, MD
President, Washington Rheumatology Alliance

Please click on the links below to review the documents we received yesterday, October 25, 2018, regarding these proposed changes:

ASP coalition email re changes received 10-25-18

News Release

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheet 2