Adam Cooper from ACR at WRA mtng 9-18-16
Adam Cooper, Senior Director, Government Affairs at the American College of Rheumatology, participated in the Advocacy Panel on Sunday, Sept. 18 at the WRA’s Annual Conference.

Adam Cooper, Senior Director, Government Affairs, American College of Rheumatology, attended our 2016 WRA Annual Conference and asked us to pass on these advocacy-related requests to our members:

1. We are asking members to join or renew their AMA memberships this year so we can continue to be at the table:

All rheumatologists are encouraged to join or renew membership with the American Medical Association (AMA). It is critically important that the voice of our specialty be heard at the AMA and we keep our seat at the table that impacts our profession and our practice. You can join or renew at

We also need your help to continue to grow the voice of rheumatology in the AMA House of Delegates. If you are already an AMA member, it is very important that you review your information and cast your ballot for the ACR, which tells the AMA you want to be counted for rheumatology. You can cast your specialty ballot vote here.

2. We are asking all ACR and ARHP members in the United States to help with a contribution to RheumPAC in any amount.  We are looking for higher levels of participation, not necessarily higher dollar amounts.  Investments in RheumPAC for 2016 can be made here.  If anyone needs help making their donation they can reach out.

3. If any members from Washington State would like to go to an event for their member(s) of Congress and take a RheumPAC check, they can reach out to me.  More than likely we can make it happen and help them identify local events, where they can get one-on-one time to talk issues with their representatives in Washington.

Contact info for Adam:

Adam Cooper, MS
Senior Director, Government Affairs
American College of Rheumatology
2200 Lake Boulevard NE
Atlanta, Georgia 30319 | (404) 633-3777 |

Advocacy-Related Requests for WRA Members
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